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Selkirk Merchant Company Dinner 2018 

Selkirk Merchant Company announced its new Standard Bearer Stuart Davidson at their annual dinner on Friday 9th March.

Friday night saw the announcement of Selkirk’s first Standard Bearer for 2018 when Selkirk Merchant Company appointed Stuart Davidson to cast their new flag in this year’s Common Riding procession. Delighted Stuart, whose architectural practice office is in the town’s High Street, is married to Karen and they have three young children. He told us this week “It’s a wee bit surreal. I was still flying at the weekend, and I’m just coming back down to earth.” 

The new flag was carried into the hall by Bill Ainslie, who is the Merchant Company’s Golden Jubilee Standard Bearer as the first man to cast the flag for the company in 1968.



Stuart added: “It’s a great honour to cast the Company’s new flag, and to be able to do it in front of the man who first flew the flag 50 years ago is very special. Walking up to cast the flag in the Market Place is something I never thought I would be able to do, and I’m thrilled that my children will be there to see it.”

His appointment was confirmed at the Merchant Company AGM, which was followed by the annual dinner at Selkirk Rugby Club, presided over by Company Master David Heard. Jim Harold introduced the new Standard Bearer and Stuart replied, sincerely thanking the Company for the honour. Other top-table guests were Gordon Newlands, who toasted Selkirk Merchant Company, Town and Trade with an impassioned speech and Honorary Provost, Jake Wheelans replied in the first of the many speeches he will be called upon to give over the Common Riding season. A very entertaining vote of thanks was given by Donald Francis, one of last year’s new Company members.


New entrants to the Merchant Company this year were Ben Agate, Jennifer Craig, Rona Munro and recently-appointed Councillor Caroline Penman:







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