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Year~Standard Bearer


2018~Stuart Davidson

2017~Stuart Hogarth

2016~David Amos

2015~David A Nichol    

2014~Andrew Anderson

2013~W Ian Main

2012~Mark Nichol

2011~Jim Harold

2010~Kenneth Houston

2009~David A Heard

2008~John Smail

2007~Alistair Pattullo

2006~J Stuart Kemp

2005~Bobby Murray

2004~Ron Robertson

2003~Iain Burke

2002~Chris Sharpe

2001~David Bell

2000~George Thomson

1999~Ewan MacDougall

1998~Ian Clapperton

1997~Ian Inglis

1996~Jim Cockburn

1995~Andrew Proudfoot

1994~John Nichol

1993~Neil Bunyan

1992~Norman W Purves

1991~Graeme Archibald

1990~Dr Lindsay Neil

1989~George B Douglas

1988~R Douglas Hogarth

1987~J C Wheelans

1986~Ian W Mitchell

1985~Will Anderson

1984~Les Brownlee

1983~James Oliver

1982~James Marshall

1981~John M Rathie

1980~Jim Henderson

1979~George Beagley

1978~Allan Lawrie

1977~David Mitchell

1976~Alan Pearce

1975~Jack Cruickshank

1974~Oliver Lawson

1973~Jack MacDonald

1972~Thomas P Brown

1971~Elliot Grieve

1970~Stuart O Russell

1969~W Derek Nichol

1968~William D Ainslie

1967~Donald Hunter

1966~Frank Malkin

1965~Eric O Paterson

1964~Tom Henderson

1963~William E Grieve

1962~D R Baston

1961~William Hogg

1960~Robert Lawrie

1959~Tom Hogg

1958~Hugh Bain

1957~Ian MacDonald

1956~John Gray

1955~Robert G Thomson

1954~A T MacFarlane

1953~David W Scott

1952~Frank Christie

1951~Leonard Thomson

1950~James Ainslie

1949~Andrew Anderson

1948~Peter Jamieson

1947~George Redpath

1946~Mitchell Rodger

1945~James Thomson

1944~John B Allan

1943~David Mackie

1942~J B Stewart

1941~David Arres

1940~Moore Eaves

1939~John Huck

1938~Alex Farr

1937~Stewart Roberts

1936~Charles Brodie

1935~Tom Park

1934~Robert Grierson

1933~Robert Davidson

1932~A H Cockburn

1931~William Smith

1930~George Mitchell

1929~John Smith

1928~James Little

1927~R M Pennel

1926~Andrew J Anderson

1925~Thomas Ballantyne

1924~John L C McLean

1923~Robert Hogg

1922~D W Neish

1921~William Nichol

1920~George Lawrie

1919~Robert W Dickson

1918~William Mitchell

1917~William Hunter

1916~William Harper


1914~William Crichton

1913~Walter Falla

1912~George Downie

1911~William Henderson

1910~James Smith

1909~Richard Stillie

1908~Robert Currie Jnr.

1907~William Mitchell

1906~George R Colledge

1905~Walter Hope

1904~Gideon Arnott

1903~Robert Stark

1902~William Park

1901~Walter Dobson

1900~Michael Muir

1899~William B McLusky

1898~John Angus

1897~William Dickson

1896~John Scarborough

1895~Robert Hardie

1894~Adam A Bell

1893~Louis A Anderson

1892~W D Connachie

1891~Andrew Clapperton

1890~Robert Currie

1889~George Roberts Jnr.

1888~Alexander Weir

1887~Henry Wood

1886~Alexander Roberts

1885~James Mercer

1884~Guy G Brown

1883~W H Brydone

1882~William Crawford

1881~Alexander Scott

1880~George Brown

1879~James Brydone

1878~Thomas Dunn

1877~Thomas Little

1876~Henry W Brown

1875~James S Hogg

1874~James S Waddel

1873~William Mercer

1872~James Thomas, MD

1871~Alexander Pringle

1870~Arch. Robertson

1869~John Turnbull

1868~William Robson

1867~John Johnstone

1866~George Mathison

1865~Adam Watson

1864~A Thomson

1863~Robert Dickson

1862~Thomas Smith

1861~William Trotter

1860~Dr. C Clarkson

1859~Thomas Dalgliesh

1858~Andrew Lawson

1857~William Mark

1856~George Lamb

1855~Henry Brown Jnr.

1854~John Dunn

1853~William Brown Snr.

1852~James Roberts

1851~John Thomson

1850~Alexander Mark

1849~William Brown Jnr.

1848~Robert Tudhope

1847~George Scott

1846~George Roberts

1845~Francis Erskine

1844~Thomas Roberts

1843~Robert Paton

1842~John McGowan

1841~Walter Haldane

1840~Robert Tudhope

1839~Robert Tudhope

1838~John Mark

1837~Alexander Fowler

1836~John Fairbairn

1835~David Grieve

1834~Henry Hume

1833~John Robertson

1832~Robert McKenzie

1831~Alexander Mercer

1830~John Haldane Jnr.

1829~William Muir

1828~Andrew Glen

1827~William Gordon

1826~William Brockie

1825~George Dobson

1824~George Young

1823~Thomas Phillip

1822~David Bogie

1821~Thomas Scott

1820~John Haldane

1819~William Thomson

1818~John Turnbull

1817~Walter Hogg

1816~Andrew Nichol

1815~John Ballantyne

1814~John Patterson

1813~1805-1813~No public participation

1804~William Lamb

1803~John Murray

1802~John Angus

1801~George Broad

1800~James Broad

1799~James Riddell

1798~William Patterson

1797~William Thompson

1796~Walter Ainslie

1795~John Veitch

1794~Andrew Henderson

1793~William Stoddart

1792~Andrew Murray

1791~William Nichol

1790~Andrew Stuart

1789~William Rodger

1788~Walter Rae

1787~James Rodger

1786~William Riddell

1785~Adam Laidlaw

1784~George Rodger

1783~James Scott

1782~George Anderson

1781~William Lamb

1780~John Anderson

1779~George Dobson

1778~Thomas Dunn

1777~Thomas Vogan

1776~Robert Murray

1775~John Angus

1774~James Dun

1773~Andrew Inglis

1772~Thomas Stoddart

1771~Andrew Angus

1770~John Tait

1769~James Dun

1768~James Wait

1767~Adam Murray

1766~John Angus

1765~George Scott

1738~John Veitch

1737~James Scott

1736~John Douglas

1735~Patrick Runciman

1734~George Fairbairn

1733~David Bruce

1732~Francis Vogan

1731~Robert Orr

1730~John Douglas

1729~James Scott

1728~Thomas Hauie

1727~Town Clerk Waugh

1726~Thomas Stodart

1725~Francis Bryden

1724~George Dobson

1723~David Elliott

1722~John Donaldson

1721~Archibald Watt

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